Shahada Islamic Art Print


The Shahada, or the Muslim declaration of faith, is often compared to a tree in Islamic literature and tradition. This is because, like a tree, the Shahada has deep roots in belief and its branches are the actions that stem from that belief. The roots represent the foundational belief in the oneness of Allah and the prophets, while the branches represent the actions and practices that a Muslim engages in to live out their faith. Additionally, just as a tree bears fruit, the Shahada is seen as bearing spiritual fruit in the form of righteousness and good deeds.

Having the Shahada framed in your house serves as a constant reminder of the deep roots of your faith and the importance of bearing spiritual fruit through righteous actions, providing a source of inspiration and guidance in living out your beliefs.

Can be customised with your choice of colours; please refer to the swatches in the photos.

If you would like to order a physical unframed Art Print of this design, please include the matching Add-On listing in your basket.