From Entitled to Thankful

Raising Our Little Muslims with an Attitude of Gratitude begins with us modelling Gratitude ourselves. Gratitude isn’t just a lesson to be taught to Little Muslims. When interacting with your Little Muslims, share frequently and generously and say please and thank you so that good manners are what you “do” and not just what you ‘talk’ about. Share the Gift of Giving. The more our Little Muslims get, the less they appreciate what they have. Receiving gifts can be fun, but make sure your Little Muslims also recognise the joy of giving. Around the holidays, focus on celebrating, making memories and visiting with friends and family rather than who gets what presents. We can also teach them family values. Many Little Muslims grow up believing that life is about acquiring money and material possessions. If your family values are about working hard, saving money and appreciating the simple joys of life; then make sure these principles are being reinforced regularly with your Little Muslims.