Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. My name is Ayesha, I love to design, make useful and beautiful products which work hard to earn a place in your home.

At Great Little Muslim Co. we aim to inspire and help parents make the most of childhood and their family home. Our range focuses on great-looking products that encourage Islamic awareness. We’re here to help you create an Islamic environment in your home through modern Islamic wall art and designs that serve as constant reminders.

Great Little Muslim Co. started as a side interest. As a new mum to two great little people, I wanted to create some artwork for their rooms. I’ve always loved having pretty art up on the walls. Recently I discovered that designing wall art brings me as much joy as decorating my home with it. So, using their imagination and curiosities as inspiration I designed a range of artwork that has just kept on growing and growing!

Browse our products and add a personal touch to your child’s room or nursery with our unique selection of pictures and prints for children. We’ve got Islamic art prints, quirky family prints, book marks, hadith, dua cards and more. You can even add your little one’s name to many of these gifts so they feel really special.