Islamic Dua Collection for Kids

As my kids go back to school, I am concerned about how to protect their physical and mental health. As we implement protections that are in our control – like; maintaining social distancing, wearing a face mask etc. It’s important to remember that there are many things we cannot control. We are limited in our […]

Be like Amina not like Cinderella!

Yesterday, as my eldest daughter was playing quietly in the living room, with a rather worried voice she burst out saying: “I am trying and trying to be like Cinderella, but I can’t!” I was, fustrated, panicked, and slightly devastated by her remark… Since she was born we tried our best to keep her away […]

From Entitled to Thankful

Raising Our Little Muslims with an Attitude of Gratitude begins with us modelling Gratitude ourselves. Gratitude isn’t just a lesson to be taught to Little Muslims. When interacting with your Little Muslims, share frequently and generously and say please and thank you so that good manners are what you “do” and not just what you […]

Lets listen more to our Little Muslims

Our Little Muslims understand so much more than we think they do. They are aware of the joy in the house. They are aware of the tension between their parents. They can sense it – if you don’t like someone. They ‘know’ all this not always through their intellectual capabilities, but through their soul. The […]

Finding the Right Balance

These days I’m becoming increasingly concerned with finding the right balance of love, tolerance and discipline towards my daughters. I want the best for them, as would any mother, but what is the right balance for my Little Muslims and for our family? My daughters are very spirited, energetic and opinionated. Sometimes its exhausting, attending […]

A Beautiful Dua

Today my three old daughter Zainab, spilled water again after doing the same thing only a few hours earlier. She didn’t want me to get cross, so she made an exchagurted sad face :o( but when she saw that I was getting frustrated she threw herself on the carpet and began crying and saying “I’m […]