Islamic Dua Collection for Kids

As my kids go back to school, I am concerned about how to protect their physical and mental health.

As we implement protections that are in our control – like; maintaining social distancing, wearing a face mask etc. It’s important to remember that there are many things we cannot control. We are limited in our abilities and depend on Allah to protect us. For no harm can befall us or our loved ones, except by His Will.

I am trying to teach my children how to take care of themselves. More importantly, reminding them (and me!) to call upon Allah for help and to trust in Him. 

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, ‘If you were to rely upon Allah with reliance due to him, he would provide for you just as he provides for the birds. They go out in the morning with empty stomachs and return full’. [Tirmidhi]

He (saw) also said, ‘People whose hearts are like the hearts of birds (meaning they rely on Allah or are soft-hearted) will enter Paradise’. [Muslim]

Ibn al-Qayyim said, ′Dua is one of the most beneficial remedies. It is the enemy of calamity; it repels it, cures it, prevents its occurrence, and alleviates it or reduces it if it befalls. It is the weapon of the believer’.

With that in mind, I am compiling a ever-growing Islamic dua collection for kids. Each dua card is created with clear, simple Arabic text with accompanying English Transliteration which can be broken down into small chunks. Making it easier for our children to memorise. Every dua is also translated into English so our children can unlock the powerful meanings of these words.

Our Islamic dua collection for kids can be used to protect your child by connecting them to Allah, or perhaps be given as a unique Islamic gift to someone special. This beautiful Islamic dua collection for kids is the perfect solution and is available here to purchase online.

As children around the world begin the academic year; some online and some back in school. Lets try to give some sadaqah towards needy children? To support them while protecting ourselves from calamity? You can sponsor an orphan, sponsor poor students or feed schoolchildren in war-torn Yemen.

May Allah protect you and your loved ones from illness, stress and hardship, ameen.