Finding the Right Balance

These days I’m becoming increasingly concerned with finding the right balance of love, tolerance and discipline towards my daughters. I want the best for them, as would any mother, but what is the right balance for my Little Muslims and for our family?

My daughters are very spirited, energetic and opinionated. Sometimes its exhausting, attending to their demands. I want to be a loving mother who never has to be tough (with rules, punishment and time outs). But I also know that they need rules; it is for their benefit (as well as for my sanity!). When they “misbehave” though, it is usually because I haven’t spent quality time with them. Sometimes exhausted from work, or I’ve had guests over etc. So at these times, I cant really say its totally their fault. If I prioritized better and gave them sufficient time, attention and love, they would probably be in a more cooperative mood. So my mood (being tired, stressed, overwhelmed…etc.) inevitably affects them. sometimes more then I realise

As a mother, caring and protecting my family is very close to my heart. I started reading duas to my children when they were very young and before I knew it, they had memorised them in no time! Now our mornings, school runs, after salah and bedtimes are full of short daily duas. With the shield of Allah, we can all feel strong and protected by the One we love! May Allah SWT bless us all with his protection – Ameen

We have a special selection of prints – short authentic duas from the Qur’an and Sunnah that protect you and your family throughout the day, every day! Why not gift it to them or share with all your family as it is an act of worship and ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jaariya) for you until the Day of Judgment insha Allah!