Lets listen more to our Little Muslims

Our Little Muslims understand so much more than we think they do. They are aware of the joy in the house. They are aware of the tension between their parents. They can sense it – if you don’t like someone.

They ‘know’ all this not always through their intellectual capabilities, but through their soul. The soul feels. The soul senses. The soul is capable to ‘know’ so much more than our intellect can ever know.

If we are ignoring our Little Muslims so that we can continue our conversation with a friend or family member, if we are treating cooking or the regular household chores as more important than looking into our child’s eyes and listening to what they have to say, if we never ask them how their day at school was. If we laugh at them when they explain how something that might seem small and silly to you broke their little heart at school.

If we keep shutting them down each time they ask for something…

What message are we giving them?